Sometimes it’s hard to understand native speakers talking at top speed because the words seem to flow like a river and you can’t distinguish the individual words. And maybe they don’t understand you either, even though your grammar and vocabulary may be correct, and although you may have managed to incorporate some great expressions, because your own pronunciation confuses or distracts them.

Our courses in «Mejora tu pronunciación» will help tune your ear to Spanish and make your own speech easier to understand. It’s unlikely that you will end up with a native-speaker accent, but you can sound more natural and less hesitant, feel more confident, speak more fluently and, above all, be understood.

Each lesson deals with a different pronunciation problem and consists of two parts: 

·       a video in which your virtual teacher explains and demonstrates, contrasting English and Spanish pronunciation so that you can really hear the difference;

·       an interactive component where you can listen, repeat, record yourself, and compare your pronunciation with that of a native speaker.

Each lesson lasts 1-2 hours or more, depending on how hard you apply yourself to the study: for example, we recommend that you repeat the interactive component several times over the course of a week.

We have published two pronunciation courses so far. They deal with some of the most common problems that learners have. 

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A note about pricing:

The prices below include sales tax, if applicable in your country. 

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