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Engaging courses based on TV series and news programs, documentaries, movies and podcasts. Learn about Spanish history and contemporary culture while you improve your listening comprehension, expand your vocabulary, and learn some colloquial Spanish expressions. Save when you buy a pack of two or more courses!

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Spanish for Perfectionists: New series of ebook and video packages

We are updating our mini-lessons, creating new videos, adding new components, changing the format, and renaming them.  Each lesson is now packaged as a set of lessons in an ebook, with links to the videos on Vimeo, a more “serious” platform than YouTube (no ads!).

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Are you embarrassed about your pronunciation? With our pronunciation lessons you can tune your ears to the sounds of Spanish and practise your own pronunciation. You will improve your listening comprehension at the same time!

Each lesson deals with a different problem and consists of a video-lesson and a practice session.

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We offer online private or group classes online, via Zoom, with our star teacher Gema. Click on the image to learn more about our classes and to see prices. Try a free 30-minute lesson now!

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Do you know about our free "Trocitos de Real Spanish" videos on YouTube? Most of them deal with a couple of related expressions, or a single grammar point. Others are previews of mini-lessons or courses. Click on the image to head over to our channel.

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Why not participate in our YouTube community? Our posts are in English, with examples in Spanish. En un plis plas you can learn a new expression, read some useful language-learning tips, view a short video, resolve problems such as El cava or la cava? or participate in a quiz or survey.

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